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Jam made from organically produced apples from Asturias.

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Agrecoastur apple jam is an organic jam made from select varieties of Asturias cider apples to produce an authentic Asturias product.

One of the virtues of this product is that it is made by small families of farmers and Asturias producers whose basic principles are to take care of the environment and ensure organic production and to offer the market unique, high quality and limited edition products.

Agrecoastur apple jam maintains a commitment to offering authenticity in a traditional apple jam. In this case made from Asturias apples with a balanced proportion between bitter, acid and sweet that each variety of Asturias apples provides.

Achieving just the right balance is one of the differences that distinguish this Asturias artisan jam with respect to any other, providing the Agrecoastur apple jam a unique character that is among the finest products made in Asturias following the tradition of the classic jam recipe and working exclusively with organic criteria that demonstrate the region's commitment to this small cooperative of Asturias artisan producers.

The mention of homemade apple compote may inspire recollection of childhood memories of the smells of a wood stove and little children hanging around to get a little taste of whatever it is that grandmother is stirring in a steaming pot that smells so good. Her patience and dedication unwavering until the sliced apples turn into the creamiest sweet compote made with great affection and joy. These sensations are preserved in each jar of Agrecoastur apple jam.

The product is presented in a hermetically sealed jar that must be kept refrigerated once it has been opened for consumption.


Agrecoastur organic apple jam is presented in a 260 g glass jar.

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