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Jam made from organically produced blueberries from Asturias. Delicious and healthy.

Alimentos del paraíso

Agrecoastur blueberry jam is an Asturias jam organically produced using traditional artisan methods with blueberries from Asturias, one of the most interesting fruits for those who love unique natural sweets and Asturias products.

This product has two ingredients: blueberries and cane sugar, both of which are organically produced. Using the classic jam recipe, Agrecoastur blueberry jam is one of the best-known jams of Asturias.

This organic jam is an allergen-free product, especially indicated for those seeking organic jams with a peak of acidity characteristic of blueberries, a fruit with antioxidant properties that tastes great and although not so common, is perfect as an accompaniment at breakfast or as a complement to any dessert.

The product is presented in a hermetically sealed jar that must be kept refrigerated once it has been opened for consumption.


Agrecoastur organic blueberry jam is presented in clay jar weighing 260 g.

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