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Delicious Gochu de Monte Asturiano bacon from animals fed with Asturias chestnuts and spelt and born and raised in freedom in the mountains of the principality.

Gochu de Monte Asturiano bacon is ideal for making delicious traditional stews and has a unique flavour and quality.

Gochu de Monte Asturiano bacon is an ideal product for cooking delicious, traditional stews; perfect for the best fababa bean stew with chickpeas and cabbage or any other recipe that calls for good charcuterie cuts.

Gochu de Monte Asturiano is a project that involves crossing the Asturias and Duroc breeds, which enables the best use of meat from local animals as well as better fat infiltration, which also results in a product of unbeatable quality.  The pigs are also fed with Asturias chestnut and spelt and a breeding process is followed that respects the animals seeking to ensure they are 'happy' pigs.

Gochu de Monte Asturiano bacon is presented in vacuum-packed portions of approximately 400 g. It is recommended to remove it from its packaging at least half an hour before serving to allow it to air.

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