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Exquisite slices of cured Asturcelta pork loin. 


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A cured pork loin is probably one of the most interesting types of charcuterie cuts among the great variety of traditionally made cured meat products currently available on the market. Beyond ham, there is cured cecina ham, chorizo sausage ​​and salchichón sausage, all of which are prepared from high quality recipes, and one of the most authentic expressions of the technical concept of cured meat is the pork loin.

The ​​Gancedo Asturcelta sliced pork loin product ​​is the result of the efforts of a family of Asturias farmers who, with great effort, dedication and generations of expertise in raising Asturceltas pigs, have revived the native breed from the annals of history to becoming a reality with a bright future for the region and for developing the rural environment in a sustainable manner with these traditionally made, quality products.

This product has unique aromas that differentiate it from any other sausage. Of medium intensity on the nose, its subtlety becomes balanced on the palate; although in both cases, the toasted and seasoned nuances are the guiding thread that express all the flavour of this perfectly cured lean meat in the Asturcelta dry-cured pork loin. The mellowness of each slice makes it pleasant and juicy and proposes a prolonged and very warm aftertaste.


Gancedo Asturcelta sliced ​​loin is vacuum packed with a weight of 100 g in each pack. The vacuum format guarantees that the product retains all of its characteristics until the moment it is served.

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