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Juicy and flavoursome slices of premium quality cured Asturcelta ham.


From their squeal to their hocks, these special pigs produce the finest quality hams. Ham is probably one of the most well-known cured pork meats and, in the case of Gancedo sliced ham, even more so because it is made in Asturias from a breed of autochthonous Asturias pigs: the Asturcelta.

On this small Asturias farm, located in Tineo, the Gancedo family's 30+ years' of experience has been key for this Asturias native pig breed: Asturcelta pigs are raised sustainably, have been revived almost from extinction and are now re-established in the market due to the quality product that is produced from this unique Asturias breed.

Asturias Gancedo cured ham has a high fat infiltration, which means that the slices have the characteristic marbling of hams that are well cured and have a great flavour. This feature highlights the ham's great quality, which is due to the fact that the animals are raised practically in freedom and are fed on natural pastures, chestnuts and other types of nuts with an intense fat content that infiltrates the meat, resulting in a much more intense flavour than a cellar ham.


Gancedo Asturcelta sliced ​​ham is vacuum packed in 100 g packets. The vacuum format guarantees that the product retains all of its characteristics until the moment it is served.

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