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Exquisite sausage cured pork asturcelta, which is served sliced ​​for easy consumption. The flavors of the product have nuances characteristic of the healthy feeding of the animals from which they are obtained. A gourmet sausage on your table.


The Asturian Gancedo cured sausage is a sausage produced in Tineo, council of the central area of ​​Asturias, by a family company specializing in the breeding of calves and pigs asturceltas, and in the elaboration of Asturian artisan sausages of high quality, in addition to the expected meat cuts typical of an Asturian butcher shop.

The Gancedo family, with more than 30 years of experience as breeders raising Asturian native breeds, is an example of transmitting knowledge acquired with effort and that, generation after generation, maintain and enrich for which a high dose of patience, dedication is necessary along with a great capacity for sacrifice and desire to excel. All these values ​​have converted an Asturian family from the center of Asturias is one of the references of the market in the elaboration of artisanal sausages of limited production and that Asturian autochthonous races take as the key raw material to obtain guarantee products that pursue to reach the expectations of the most demanding customers.

The Asturian Gancedo cured sausage aromatically appears with an average intensity in different peppers, all of them of great depth, although they also highlight certain complex nuances to grass and cured meat. On the palate, the asturcelta pork sausage seems delicate, with a clear presence of carefully cured lean meat and a pleasant aftertaste with a predominance in tune with the peppery aromas already mentioned, all subtly balanced to allow the asturcelta pork express with character and demonstrate an authentic taste of a unique pig Asturian breed.


The Gancedo sliced ​​asturcelta sausage is marketed under vacuum with a weight of 100 grams in each sachet.

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