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Whole Asturcelta cured ham.


There are no words that describe with simplicity the pleasure of having a whole ham to slice and to be enjoyed at the perfect moment. If it is an Asturcelta ham, even better. The Asturcelta pig is a native Asturias breed that, in the case of this product, grows in conditions of freedom in the Sierra de Tineo, in farms owned by the Gancedo family in this renowned council in the central area of ​​Asturias.

A whole ham made in Asturias from a native Asturias breed: the Asturcelta. The final resulting product is therefore worthy of serving on a table at which a quality product with a long history of tradition and a supreme flavour are appreciated.

One of the features of ​​Gancedo Asturcelta cured ham is the fat marbling achieved by raising the animals in freedom and also due to the quality of their food. Thanks to this natural fat content in the animal, its slices have the classic marbling of hams of great quality that are perfectly cured, as well as a unique and intense flavour.


Gancedo Asturcelta gochu ham is presented in pieces of approximately 9 kg, wrapped in food paper for transport.

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