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Half bar of cured Asturcelta pork sausage. The perfect product to prepare a great charcuterie board, for children's snacks, for appetisers and for cold starters. A gourmet quality sausage from productosdeasturias.com


Asturias Gancedo cured sausage is an Asturias sausage made from Asturcelta pork, an autochthonous pig breed from Asturias. This traditionally made sausage is produced in Tineo, in the central Asturias area, a council that treasures a great livestock and butchery tradition in Asturias.

One of the best-known livestock farms in the area, with more than three decades of experience, is that of the Gancedo family, breeders who specialise in raising Asturias cattle and also helped to recover the Asturcelta pig, a native Asturias breed in danger of extinction.

In addition to the Gancedo family's livestock tradition, it also produces high-quality Asturias sausages using traditional artisan techniques. In particular, this Asturias Gancedo cured sausage is perhaps one of the best sausages on the market with the added value of having been made from raw material from animals raised under conditions of freedom and fed on natural pastures and other products that are essential for the diet of prized animals such as the Asturcelta pig.

Asturias Gancedo cured sausage releases aromas of a certain intensity and with clear memories of different very pleasant pepper fragrances together with other aromas of certain complexity and that encompass the natural origin of the food. On the palate, the Asturcelta pork sausage is very smooth and has a pleasant aftertaste, with a clear presence of the lean meat cured to the perfect point and very well harmonised with the aromas released in its olfactory tasting.


Gancedo Gochu Asturcelta sausage is vacuum packaged in pieces of approximately 500 g.

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