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Half bar of Asturcelta cured pork chorizo sausage. This quality product is made with meat from pigs raised in total contact with nature.


Gancedo Asturcelta cured chorizo sausage ​​is handcrafted from Asturcelta pork, an autochthonous Asturias breed raised under conditions of freedom in the council of Tineo. This sausage is the result of the work of the Gancedo family, who are masters in the art of pork charcuterie and are well-respected breeders in Asturias.

Asturceltas pigs are also raised on the natural pastures of the Sierra de Tineo where they spend most of their lives tended by the Gancedo family, who have more than 30 years of experience as farmers and who have revived a breed that was once in danger of extinction.

This half bar of Asturcelta Gancedo cured chorizo sausage is presented as a ready-to-serve product that can be sliced according to the custom in each family. From those who love fine slices to those who prefer the thick and irregular slices that were the general custom in the Asturias kitchens in which preserved sausages were served. In any case, and for the sausage to be expressed correctly, the slices need to be rested for a few minutes once served on the plate to bring them to room temperature so that all the individual nuances of a well-cured sausage can be appreciated.

Each slice of Asturcelta Gancedo cured chorizo sausage contains the nuances of the paprika that is added during the fresh sausage making process, as well as other aromas linked to the natural diet of the Asturcelta pork, to the fresh pastures and, undoubtedly, also to the acids touches in the lean meat area of ​​the sausage. On the palate, Asturcelta pork chorizo sausage is very soft with nuances consistent with its aromas and discernible creaminess.


Gancedo Gochu Asturcelta cular chorizo sausage ​​is vacuum packaged in half bars of approximately 500 grams.

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