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Asturias ‘chosco’ cured pork, of extraordinary quality and best flavour. Enjoy a typical Asturias product made from totally healthy and natural raw material.


In Asturias gastronomy, there are hidden gems of products that can be a real surprise. Asturias offers some of the richest and most varied of Spanish cuisine with many handmade products that are quite unique.

Traditionally, ‘chosco’ cured pork was served at the tables in ‘brañas’ (high-mountain grazing pastures) homes in Asturias on the day of the town's fiesta and other important celebration dates in Asturias. Nowadays, it is much more widely available thanks to the small producers in Asturias who make sausages and who have positioned ‘chosco’ cured pork as an autochthonous product that has a distinctive place in an online cured products store, in a cider house and in the best restaurants in Asturias.

Gancedo Asturcelta ‘chosco’ cured pork is an Asturias preserved meat that is made from different cuts of the Asturcelta pork, using a process very similar to that of any other Asturias preserved meat product. Thus the meat, once prepared, is mixed and marinated according to the recipe that the Gancedo family has maintained for more than three decades. The mixture is then left to rest and then the gut casings are filled and tied with string. Once this process is finished, the ‘chosco’ cured pork is usually smoked for approximately 15 days.

The preparation of this sausage is one of the most deeply-rooted traditions in the council of Tineo. It has passed from generation to generation respecting the traditional processing method and keeping alive the memory of the high-mountain graziers that is so present in this area of Asturias.


Gochu Asturcelta ‘chosco’ cured pork is vacuum packaged in pieces of approximately 750 grams.

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