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Fine and exquisite slices of Asturcelta cured pork chorizo sausage​. A different chorizo sausage ​​due to its flavour and texture, thanks to the high quality of the raw material used to make it.


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Asturcelta Gancedo sliced and cured chorizo sausage is made from the Asturcelta native Asturias pig breed. This unique and high-quality sausage is produced by a small family business with a long tradition as a charcuterie producer in Asturias, the Gancedo family, located in Tineo, capital of the council that bears its name in the central area of ​​Asturias.

This product is allergen-free and therefore suitable for those with coeliac dietary requirements. The main distinguishing feature of this sliced Asturias Gancedo cured chorizo sausage product is that the raw material is obtained from animals that have been bred in semi-free conditions and mostly grazing on natural pastures from the Sierra de Tineo, where the Gancedo family has their own farms where they raise Asturcelta cattle and pigs that live comfortably, therefore yielding high quality meats from which excellent charcuterie products and, especially, Asturias charcuterie products made by hand using traditional Asturias production methods.

Asturias Gancedo sliced cured chorizo sausage is packaged ready-to-serve. To enjoy it in its highest expression, it is recommended to open the box a few minutes prior to serving so that the natural oxidation releases a distinctive aroma that whets the appetite to savour the delicious flavour of Asturcelta chorizo sausage ​​and cured pork sausage.

In addition to the aromas typical of this type of sausage, this Asturcelta cular chorizo sausage also has an intense aroma of fresh pastures that intermingle with the acidity characteristic of the lean meat part of the sausage. On the palate, the chorizo sausage ​​is pleasant on the entrance, with a simple, very creamy texture and a pleasant aftertaste thanks to a careful curing process and with the exact time required to produce a quality Asturias cured sausage.


Gancedo Asturcelta sliced ​​chorizo sausage ​​is vacuum packaged with a weight of 100 grams in each pack. The vacuum format guarantees that the product retains all of its characteristics until the moment it is served.

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