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Half loin of cured Asturcelta pork. Ideal for slicing to your taste to serve on a good platter of Asturias cured meats, which are a delicious surprise for those who love good quality charcuterie cuts.


This Gancedo Asturias pork loin is packaged in a half-bar format and is made by a family of farmers who live in Tineo, the capital of the council located in the central area of ​​Asturias. There, the Gancedo family has been breeding Asturias cattle and Asturceltas pigs, an autochthonous breed of Asturias pigs, for over 30 years. This achievement has come about from great efforts made by the farmers and their lifestyle and dedication to caring for the animals that produce excellent quality meat.

The product is presented in a half-bar format that can be cut to the desired slice. In any case, the sliced ​​loin needs to be rested at ambient temperature for a few minutes before serving so that the unique and characteristic aromas of this type of sausage reach their best point of expression. On the palate, this product presents simplicity in its toasted reminiscence and very nice paprika flavours that work to naturally steep the great flavour of matured lean meat using traditional techniques from generations of accumulated wisdom that have made this Asturcelta pork loin the quality product that it has become today.


Gancedo Gochu Asturcelta pork loin is vacuum packed in 500 g pieces. Thus the product retains all its characteristics until the moment of serving.

Gluten free Gluten free

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