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Asturias ice cider made in the Sidra Cortina Cider Press. Cortina ice cider is produced from selected Asturias apples at a very advanced point of ripeness, a key step for the final product to reach the excellent flavour that an Asturias press demands in any of its beverages.

Cortina ice cider is produced in a process in which the crushing and pressing is the same as the process used for making natural cider. The difference lies in how the first must is processed, the liquid resulting from pressing the apples, which is heat-treated at a very low temperature until it is frozen, and is left that way for several weeks

Once the optimum freezing time has transpired, the drink is thawed and the water is eliminated. In this way, the cider artisans obtain a concentrated drink that undergoes a natural fermentation process over several months, the time that is needed to reach an alcohol volume of 12% and a sugar concentration of over 100 g per litre. At this point, the drink is filtered and bottled to produce a high-quality Asturias ice cider.

The drink is ready to consume, although it also evolves very well in the bottle over the years like any sweet wine or ice cider. It is therefore recommended to store it in a cool, dry and dark place.

Cortina ice cider is the perfect accompaniment to an Asturias blue cheese or to any dessert in which there are citrus to orange or bitter flavours such as cocoa.

Alcohol content 12% Vol. recommends responsible consumption.


Cortina ice cider is bottled in a 37.50 cl glass bottle.


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