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10,50 €

Monje Nata spanish cow’s milk soft cheese is a  pasteurised cow’s milk cheese.  It is made in Asturias, exactly in Panes, in the municipality of Peñamellera Baja in the eastern part of Asturias.

Quesos Abredo
5,80 €

Abredo cow’s milk cheese is a cylindrical, traditionally-made cheese with minimal rind. It has a mild flavour and is made from pasteurised cow's milk in the western part of Asturias.

Tierra Astur
10,30 €

Rey Silo spanish cheese made from raw cow’s milk acid curd and refined in the cellar.

Quesería de Collera
6,50 €

Torta de Vidiago is a spanish cheese made from pasteurised cow’s milk which is then macerated in olive oil.

Queso Vidiago
6,20 €

Original Spanish cow's milk cheese matured in a mixture of extra virgin olive oil and paprika for a minimum of 90 days, to achieve a product with an intense and deep flavour. A product for lovers of artisan cheeses from Asturias to discover and enjoy.

Queso Peñamellera
6,50 €

Cueva de Llonin is a spanish and soft cheese produced from pasteurised cow’s milk in Alles, a town in the municipality of Peñamellera Alta in the eastern Asturias region.

Queseria Temia
7,65 €

Don Gonzalo cheese with culinary herbs is a mild and very aromatic cheese made from pasteurised cow’s milk.

Quesería Ovin
7,90 €

Spanish organic cow’s milk cheese is made from pasteurised cow’s milk in Asturias.

Tierra Astur
11,45 €

Extraordinary organic cheese produced in Asturias made from raw cow's milk. A great-quality cheese endorsed by the Asturias Principality Organic Agricultural Production Council (COPAE).

Tierra Astur
10,40 €

Spanish cow cheese made in Asturias, from pasteurised cow’s milk, exactly in Los Oscos region of Western Asturias.

Queso Peñamellera
6,10 €

Spanish cheese in cider made from pasteurised cow’s milk from traditional Asturias cheese, with the aromas and nuances of asturian natural cider.

Tierra Astur
7,55 €

Fresh Spanish cream cheese with blue cheese, pepper and anise.

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