Quesos Abredo

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Abredo cow’s milk cheese is a cylindrical, traditionally-made cheese with minimal rind. It has a mild flavour and is made from pasteurised cow's milk in the western part of Asturias.

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Abredo cow’s milk cheese is an incredibly versatile variety and a great choice to please all family members. It can be used to melt over pizzas and pastas, in wedges or cubes on cheese and charcuterie boards, or even in cheesecakes. Because it melts easily, it can also be used to make an authentic Asturias fondue recipe with traditionally-made cheeses. Its mild, creamy and pleasant flavour makes it very tempting.

It is recommended to keep the product in the refrigerator and take it out for half an hour before serving to allow it to recover to room temperature.


Abredo cow’s milk cheese is presented in a 400 g format.

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