This Website has been created by Quesos del Principado de Asturias S.L. with the aim of promoting its e-commerce activity, providing information about the company’s products, activities, performance and other content of interest.

These conditions govern the contractual relationship between the User and Quesos del Principado de Asturias S.L., with registered address at C/ Santa Susana, 25 Oviedo (33007) registered in the Asturias Commercial Registry, Volume 1643, folio 18, sheet AS-9826, Entry 1, and with Corporate Tax ID No. B33120361.

The registration and purchase processes on this Website imply conformity and express acceptance by the User of these Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy applied pursuant to current law.

Products can only be purchased:

  1. That are available for sale in the online store
  2. With delivery in Mainland Spain, the Balearic Islands and Portugal. For other destinations ask for information at info@productosdeasturias.com
  3. Quesos del Principado de Asturias S.L. reserves the right to cancel any order.

All products sold on this Website have been prepared following strict quality controls by manufacturers and meet European Union food-related health standards. These products are accompanied by a description of their main features, price and other information.

Orders placed on this Website may be formalised in English and Spanish.

The following conditions apply to orders placed on productosdeasturias.com:

General conditions of sale:


    Prices for the products are listed at the time of order. These prices are always shown without VAT included, so that users have a clear understanding regarding our commercial rates.

    When the User places the order, the system will provide detailed information including the total before VAT, the VAT to be paid, sales equalisation tax if any, the delivery costs and, if applicable, any surcharge for payment by bank transfer.

    Special offers on certain items are displayed on the product page and are valid as long as they are displayed on the Website. After the validity period, the price applicable to the product will be the current price at the time of order.

    For orders placed from destinations other than Spain, there may be different taxes or duties depending on the fiscal area to which the order is shipped.


    Purchases of products and services on this Website may be paid for:

      • With a credit or debit card.

    This Website is attached to the Banco Herrero (Banc Sabadell) ecommerce payment gateway as electronic payment system. All data will be transferred encrypted on an SSL secure server (Secure Sockets Layer) of the secure payment system Servired, ensuring that neither the owners of this Website nor third parties have access to Users’ bank or credit card details. Once the card data has been entered, the bank will validate the transaction and charge for the payment. From that moment, the order will be effective and processing and delivery will proceed.

    The card data that must be entered is:

    - Credit card number (16 digits).

    - Expiry date.

    - Security code (the three digits found on the back of the card)

      • By bank transfer.

    A bank transfer can be made to the following account at Banco Herrero (Banc Sabadell):

    Account holder:Quesos del Principado de Asturias, S.L.

    IBAN:ES91 0081 5132 9900 0103 1904


    If the purchase is paid for by bank transfer, please note that the order will be sent from time the deposit appears in the bank account, which can take one to two business days, and which must be added to the delivery time stipulated. If you wish, you can send a receipt of the payment transaction to info@productosdeasturias.com in order to expedite the delivery process.

    Orders with payment made by bank transfer shall be valid for five calendar days from when the order is placed until the payment is received in the above-mentioned bank account. If no payment is received after five days, the order will be understood as cancelled by the customer, and will be cancelled in the system.

      • By PayPal.

    To use this payment method, the customer must be registered for an account on this platform, which he/she can do at www.paypal.com.

      • By bank transfer.

    Payment by bank transfer can only be made from Spain (Mainland and Balearic Islands). For other destinations, this method cannot be used.

    Quesos del Principado de Asturias, S.L. informs customers that for reasons beyond its control, and because transport agencies charge an additional cost to collect payment on delivery, a surcharge of 4.50 euro (VAT included) must be paid in addition to the delivery charge.

    The formalisation of the purchasing process on this Website requires the User’s conformity and express acceptance of these terms of payment, for products as well as for delivery services used.

      • By bank receipt.

    E-commerce customers that undertake a commercial activity may request commercial credit as long as these requirements are met:

    • There is has been a business relationship between the customer and the company for a minimum of two months.
    • That the customer has placed at least three orders in that period.
    • That the amount (before taxes) of each order exceeds €100.

    To formalise the credit request the customer must send an email to administracion@crivencar.com indicating:

    1) Complete fiscal details: company name, Tax ID No. and registered address.

    2) The bank entity from which payments will be direct debited.

    3) IBAN number of the customer’s bank account.

    4) The email address with which the user accesses productosdeasturias.com.

    If the commercial credit is approved, the usual payment must be made by direct debit 15 days from the invoice date from the account designated by the customer.


    In general, the delivery charge on all orders placed in the online store by professional customers is free on orders over €190 before tax and the order will be delivered between 24 and 72 hours.

    The order amounts specified as a limit in relation to the different logistics charges refer to the total amount of product in the shopping cart, before taxes, before the logistics charges and, if applicable, the cost of cash on delivery payment.


    The delivery prices that will be applied to orders are:


    Orders placed on the Website by a professional customer, with delivery in Asturias that exceed the 190 euro minimum order, will receive an additional discount of 5% on current prices at the time of placing the order (discount in concept of proximity, and cannot be combined with any other discount).





    0,00 €

    79,99 €

    4,95 €

    80,00 €

    189,99 €

    0,00 €

    > 190,00 €


    0,00 + 5% proximitly discount*

    Consult the special conditions for cider pack shipments

    DELIVERY PRICES FOR MAINLAND SPAIN OUTSIDE OF ASTURIAS (not including Balearic Islands or Portugal).

    Consult the special conditions for cider pack shipments.





    0,00 €

    79,99 €

    7,95 €

    80,00 €

    189,99 €

    4,95 €

    > 190,00 €


    0,00 €






    0,00 €

    600 €

    35 €

    > 600 €



    Check special conditions shipments of cider packs


    1) Online orders cannot be processed on this Website for delivery to the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla. Please contact the sales department for the possibilities of shipping to these destinations by emailing info@productosdeasturias.com or telephone 985 794 215.

    2) Other destinations:send an information request to info@productosdeasturias.com or telephone 985794215.



    Productosdeasturias.com natural and Asturias PDO cider packs cannot be missed. However, the delivery costs applied by transport agencies for sending these products considerably exceed any profit that may be obtained from the sale; therefore, Productosdeasturias.com is obliged to apply, exceptionally, a limitation on the sale of these items, which is applicable to all deliveries in Mainland Spain, the Balearic Islands and Portugal.

    This limitation means that the user may not include more than three units of the affected items in the same shipment, whether they are the same or in combination.

    The items below are the cider packs to which these special delivery conditions apply:




















    In general, the Website reserves the right to apply the following delivery surcharges:

    1. If the customer notifies a change of delivery address once the shipment has already been dispatched to a previously provided address, a surcharge of €9.95/delivery (VAT included) will apply. This surcharge must be paid by the customer in cash to the transport agency upon delivery. A sales invoice will be issued for this extra charge that will be sent to the customer in the usual way for accounting purposes.

    1. In case of repeated absences (more than two) at the address provided for delivery, and provided that there is no reason for this justified by the customer, a surcharge of €9.95/delivery (VAT included) will apply. This surcharge must be paid by the customer in cash to the transport agency upon delivery. A sales invoice will be issued for this extra charge that will be sent to the customer in the usual way for accounting purposes.


    Once the order has been placed through the Website, an e-mail will be sent to the address provided at the time of user registration or purchase as a guest, with complete order information (order number, payment method, products, delivery method, delivery address, etc.). This electronic receipt will be used for future management in relation to the order, so if you notice any incorrect information, please advise as soon as possible.

    Once payment for the order is confirmed (remember that if payment is made by bank transfer, one or two business days will be added to the delivery, which is the time it takes for the bank to clear the payment), the order will be prepared and shipped from the warehouse and sent to the customer within the estimated delivery time.

    When the order leaves the warehouse, a confirmation email will be sent.

    If any error is identified in the data entry, please email info@productosdeasturias.com to request correction. The Website will correct this data as soon as possible and pursuant to the applicable legal regulations.

    The Website will archive an electronic copy of the order document made by the customer that represents the formalisation of the agreement for the sale of products. This agreement will be accessible at all times to the customer in his/her private user area.


    If the customer needs to return an order, the steps are:

    1. Send an email to info@productosdeasturias.com indicating the order number, the product(s) to be returned, and the reason for the return;
    2. Or call 985 794 215 to request a refund (the same details must be provided).
    3. You can also request the return of your order or a product in the order through the website, from your private user area, using the RETURN option. To do this, go to order history, select the order for which the total or partial return is to be made and follow the steps indicated.


    The abandonment period for making a claim is 14 calendar days from the time that the consumer and user, or a third party indicated by the consumer and user, other than the carrier, acquires material possession of the requested products. Once this period has transpired, the Website will either refund or not refund the amount paid by the customer at its sole discretion.

    Refunds may be made in two cases: due to cancellation, or damaged or defective merchandise.


    Applicable in cases where the customer decides to cancel an order or return a product purchased on the Website, without any justified reason for it. In these cases, the following considerations are specified:

    1.  The abandonment period for making a claim is 14 calendar days from the time the consumer and user, or a third party indicated by the consumer and user, other than the carrier, acquires material possession of the requested products. Once this period has transpired, the Website will either refund or not refund the amount paid by the customer at its sole discretion.

    2. To exercise the right to cancellation, the product must not have been opened or used or manipulated and must remain in its original packaging.

    3. The right to cancellation may not be exercised on any product in the meat category once it has been dispatched from the warehouse to the customer.

    4. If the product has not left the warehouse, the Website will reimburse the amount paid by the customer as soon as it is verified that the payment has been received by credit card, PayPal or bank transfer. If the product has already left the warehouse, the Website will reimburse the amount paid by the customer as soon as it is verified that the provisions of section 2 have been met and the items are not those referred to in section 3.

    In any case, the return will take place within a maximum period of 15 calendar days from the time the correct payment is received, or the correct receipt of the returned product is verified in the warehouse.

    5. The amount paid by the customer can be refunded in two ways:

    a) If the refund is made in cash, it will be made in the same way as the payment was made by the customer: refund to card, refund to PayPal account or bank transfer, as applicable. If the payment was made by bank transfer, the refund will be made by bank transfer to the account that the customer provides for this purpose. In case of unjustified delay by the Website with respect to refunding the amount that may apply, the customer may claim twice the amount owed, without prejudice to his or her right to compensation for the damages and losses sustained that exceed this amount.

    b) However, the customer may request compensation for the amount to be refunded as a voucher, which can be exchanged on the Website at any time from the time it is received. The amount of this voucher cannot be partially consumed so it must be used in a single purchase made by the customer at any time.

    In any case, the following costs shall be borne by the customer:

    • If the order was paid by bank transfer: the cost of the transfer.
    • If there is a product return: the cost of transport back to the warehouse.

    Pursuant to the above, in the event of cancellation by the customer, the Website will reimburse the customer the amount paid for the products returned, plus delivery costs paid by the customer (if any), minus delivery for the product return.

    In any case, the refund to the customer will never exceed the amount paid by the customer at the time the order was formalised.


    Applicable in cases where the customer has received the order and one or more of the products are damaged or defective, even if the customer has opened the product with the intention of consuming it.

    The following considerations must be taken into account:

    1) The customer must advise that the product was received damaged or spoiled within a maximum of 14 days from placing the order. Once this period has transpired, the refund of the amount the customer paid may or may not be made, depending on the type of product and the incident notified by the customer (warranty cases or other issues).

    2) In general, the original packaging must be kept and sent back with the goods returned.

    3) Only the amount paid amount will be refunded (if any) when all damaged or defective products received by the customer have been returned.

    4) If a product in poor condition is returned, the following alternatives are available to the customer:

    a) Replace the product with another identical one: no delivery costs for the new product.

    b) Return the money the customer paid for the damaged or defective product, as well as logistics and delivery costs (if any).

    c) Send the customer a discount voucher that can be redeemed in the online store for the same amount as paid for the damaged or defective product, as well as logistics and delivery costs (if any).This voucher can be redeemed by the customer at any time and have no expiry date. It cannot be divided into separate orders.

    If a product is returned to the warehouse, Quesos del Principado de Asturias S.L. shall assume the costs of return delivery.


    Productosdeasturias.com works primarily with two logistics companies through which orders are delivered. Depending on the company concerned, there are two different delivery times:

    A) LOGISTICS FIRM: TIPS@: for delivery products that do not require refrigerated logistics. General delivery is within 24-72  hours in Mainland Spain, 48-72 hours to the Balearic Islands and Portugal.

    B) LOGISTICS FIRM: INTEGRA2: for delivery products that require refrigerated logistics.General delivery is 48-72 hours in Spain (Mainland and Balearic Islands), and five business days to Portugal.

    Products requiring refrigerated logistics are identified with the following icon on the product page:

    If a product of an order requires refrigerated logistics, all products ordered will be sent by the same method.

    In any case, the periods referred to above for either of the two companies start from the date the order is placed if it is placed before 12 pm.If the order is placed after 12 pm, the time begins from the next business day.

    These limits exclude holidays and weekends as there is no collection by the transport agency at these times (Saturdays, Sundays and holidays).

    During Christmas time (between 4 and 24 December), due to the high concentration of work that all transport agencies have, there may be delays in delivery periods, which is beyond the control of productosdeasturias.com. Productosdeasturias.com is committed to expediting shipments as far as is possible in order to meet deadlines, but please note that there are specific times when it is impossible, and this is beyond the company’s control.

    Orders will be fulfilled in the areas and countries for which the system allows user registration.

    Orders are delivered to the person/company and the delivery address provided through the Website.If the recipient wants to change the delivery address once the order has left the warehouse, any logistics costs resulting from this change shall be borne by the customer, who must pay prior to delivery. These logistic charges and the payment method are specified in the delivery surcharges section. Orders will not be delivered to PO boxes.

    If, exceptionally, any item ordered is not available at the time the order is placed, Quesos del Principado de Asturias S.L. offers customers a choice between two options:

    a) Wait until the item is in stock and send the entire order to the customer at the time that all items are available.

    b) If the customer paid for the order by credit card, PayPal or bank transfer, the amount of the product out of stock plus the corresponding delivery costs (if any) will be refunded.

    The Website reserves the right to withhold sending orders with incorrect addresses or phone numbers. In any case, our customer service department will contact the User to report any issues or concerns that may arise during order processing and dispatch.


    If a product purchased by the customer is not available, when the latter has been expressly informed of this possibility, the Website may supply a similar product with the same or superior quality at no additional cost.

    In this case, the customer may exercise his/her rights to abandonment and termination pursuant to these General Conditions.


    Productosdeasturias.com would like to reward customer loyalty and ensure that customers know about all the quality products the company offers. Therefore, you may be surprised on the Website with discounts on specific products or promotions throughout the online store, which will be informed through a newsletter and on the Website.

    The following information will be informed for each promotion: promotion period, the amount or % discount to the customer, how to take up the offer, etc.


    Productosdeasturias.com would like to reward users for joining our big family; it therefore offers a 5% discount voucher valid for all products. The discount voucher can be redeemed on any order placed in the online store, for which the User must know:

    1) The 5% discount applies to the price of the products included in the cart, but not on other costs such as delivery or the fee for bank transfers.

    2) Since the voucher expires 30 days after it is issued, the customer is invited to place a good order to make the most of the discount.

    3) The discount voucher is valid for a single use.


    If the User has a hospitality and/or trade related business, Productosdesaturias.com offers preferential terms and conditions.

    To take advantage of this, register online via the registration form on the Website, and ask for classification as a professional customer. After the sales department validates the registration, these special conditions can be accessed.

    Productosdesaturias.com will contact the customer to offer the service that best suits your needs.

    Similarly, professional customers who register on the Website will receive a welcome promotional voucher to redeem 5% on their first order. Find out how the welcome promotional discount works here.

    Special conditions are not valid for professionals on orders for delivery outside of Mainland Spain, Balearic Islands and Portugal.


    Business owners subject to the sales equalisation tax special regime for the purposes of Value Added Tax (VAT) must advise this circumstance in the user management area of this Website.

    To do this, once your change from a private customer to a professional customer is validated, you must access your private customer area with your user code and password, where you will find a sales equalisation tax checkbox that must be selected.

    Under this scheme, when the order is processed the online store will apply the corresponding VAT charges based on the VAT rate of the product, and the applicable VAT amounts will be shown as the total Sales Equalisation Tax on your order.

    In the invoice corresponding to the delivery will itemise the VAT of the order as well as the Sales Equalisation Tax, depending on the different tax rates on the products.

    If the user selects sales equalisation tax special regime on the Website, any payment method may be used, except for PayPal. For technical reasons beyond the control of the Website, PayPal's payment module is not compatible with this special VAT regime.


    Users who make purchases to be delivered outside of Spain in a European Community country, and who are duly accredited on the VIES CENSUS as an intra-community operator, may place orders without the VAT applicable on the products. To do this, the intra-Community Tax ID No. must be provided on the website; once it has been verified on the aforementioned census, the VAT will be excluded from the order.


    The User agrees:

    1. Not to use this Website to make or suggest activities prohibited by law.

    2. To refrain from any conduct that violates the intellectual property rights of this Website or third parties, or that violates or infringes the honour, personal or family privacy or the image of third parties or that are illegal or conflict with morality.

    3. To refrain from the destruction, alteration, cancellation or damage to data, programmes or electronic documents belonging to this Website or any third party and from introducing or spreading any programmes, viruses or generally any physical or electronic device or instrument on the network that causes or may cause any disruption to the network, the system, or third-party equipment.

    1. To refrain from any activity or practice that violates the principles of good conduct generally accepted among internet users.

    5. To inform Quesos del Principado de Asturias S.L. of any illicit use of which the User has knowledge in relation to the assets and rights of the company.

    6. The User is responsible for the security and use of his/her password. The User must also inform, as soon as possible, of loss or unauthorised use of the password and, if appropriate, cancel their registration as a customer on this Website. However, the system can send a new password to the email address provided in your customer record.

    7. The User must not reproduce, copy, sell or exploit in any way all or part of the content or functionality of this Website or the right to access it.


    To make a claim, please email info@productosdeasturias.com indicating your personal details and contact information, the order number (if any) and the reason for the claim.

    A claim can also be made using the online chat available on the Website, either during customer service hours or by leaving a message through this communication channel.

    Finally, the telephone number 985794215 is also available for this purpose.

    Once the claim has been received from the customer or user, the Website will respond to it pursuant to these general conditions. If there is a lack of express regulation in the general conditions, the current legal regulations will apply (RDL 1/2007, 16 November, which approves the consolidated text of the Consumer Protection Act).


    These General Conditions of Sale are governed by Spanish law.

    Quesos del Principado de Asturias S.L. and the User, expressly renouncing any other jurisdiction, submit to the Courts and Tribunals of Oviedo for any dispute arising from the provision of services under these General Conditions.

    If the User resides outside of Spain, Quesos del Principado de Asturias S.L. and the User hereby expressly renounce any other jurisdiction and submit to the courts of the city of Oviedo (Spain).

    In any case, the following link provides access to the EU online dispute resolution platform, pursuant to article 40.5 of Law 7/2017, 2 November, by which Directive 2013/11/EU, of the European Parliament and of the Council, 21 May 2013, regarding the alternative resolution of consumer litigation, is incorporated into Spanish legislation: