Free trial of our products

In we are so convinced of the quality of our products that we want you to try them for FREE. For this we have designed this policy of commercial samples that we trust is to your liking:

1º) Make your first order of samples in our online store: the order will be invoiced according to the rates and the logistics conditions of sale to professionals in force at the time you process it.

2º) Indicates in the field of Observations that it is a REQUEST FOR SAMPLES.

3º) If you decide to incorporate our products to your range you can request the payment of the commercial samples for which a discount voucher will be sent for the amount of the samples order, without taxes and without cost of refund (if any) Up to a maximum amount of 40 euros per ticket.

4º) The voucher can not be split, and will have to be exchanged in the next purchase that you make in the online store provided that its amount exceeds 250 euros of product (before taxes and other logistic costs or payment, if the There would be

To request your voucher you must send an email to the address indicating the user's email at, and the invoice number and / or order corresponding to the one whose exchange you request.

In we understand that an order is for samples when it does not include more than one or two units of each reference requested.