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Electric natural Spanish cider pourer.

The art of pouring natural cider is the most important step for enjoying all the flavour of Asturias cider. The pouring technique must be mastered because the best natural ciders of Asturias can be spoiled with incorrect pouring. In Asturias, cider pourers are highly reputable professionals and in high demand.

If you would like to pour cider at home like a true natural Asturias cider pourer but do not know the technique of pouring, this Isidrín pourer will ensure you pour the perfect glass of cider every time. Using this technology, anyone can enjoy a glass of perfectly poured natural Asturias cider.

The Isidrín pourer is a device with a 15.6 W rechargeable battery-operated pump especially designed for use in Asturias cider houses. The pourer charges very quickly but must not be used during the charging process.

To ensure the correct amount of cider is poured each time, press the button on the electric cider pourer once to pour exactly 100 ml, the recommended serving, or press and hold the button to pour the desired amount of the most famous beverage in Asturias.

The Isidrín electric pourer is decorated with the Isidro emblem; a classic design on the natural Asturias cider pourer that evokes the Asturias natural cider tradition and culture of this popular beverage.

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