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Electric natural Spanish cider pourer.

Natural Spanish cider is a natural drink made from apples, with 6% alcohol content, which is best served at around 12°C and should be poured at arm’s length. Pouring Asturias cider is an art, a technique that is mastered by professionals to ensure the perfect glass of cider is poured every time.

This electric pourer enables anyone to pour a perfect glass of natural Asturias cider by just pressing the button until the desired amount is perfectly poured. By default, the device pours the recommended serving of 100 ml by just pressing the button once.

The electric pourer has a platform upon which a classic cider glass can be placed for pouring. It is easy to clean and does not cause spills or splashing outside of the cider glass.

The device is fitted to the Spanish natural cider bottle with silicone to ensure it is seated correctly and the pump circulates the cider from the bottle to the glass. The materials from which it is manufactured are of the highest quality, with a seal around the edge of the pourer, a stainless steel button and high-capacity pump. The electronic pourer comes with a charger that charges the device ready for service in seventy minutes.

This item is the perfect accessory for enjoying natural Asturias cider at home and creating a traditional setting for moderate consumption of the most famous beverage of Spanish

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