Camilo de Blas

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Candied and glazed walnuts made using traditional artisan techniques in the prestigious Camilo de Blas confectionery in Oviedo. 


Camilo de Blas Nuglass sweets are made from candied and glazed nuts using traditional artisan production techniques in the Camilo de Blas confectioners. This delicious confectionery is handmade by one of the most famous confectioners in Asturias. Founded in 1827, it opened its first store in Oviedo in 1914 and since then it has supplied the market with gourmet confectionery products made with high quality ingredients for consumers who love unique sweets at any time of the year.

These candied and glazed sweets are made with walnuts, milk caramel, sugar, egg white and lemon. To describe this product without going into the detail of the recipe, imagine the texture of a creamy chocolate based on milk caramel, egg white, sugar and a few drops of lemon juice surrounding a whole walnut, providing texture and a perfect balance of bitter and sweet sensations in each bite. These delicious chocolates are enveloped in a crispy royal icing made with sugar that offers a unique texture and great flavour to this Asturias traditionally made sweet from Camilo de Blas confectioners.


Camilo de Blas Nuglass candied and glazed walnuts are presented in a cardboard box containing six pieces. Each Nuglass sweet is individually wrapped with the taste and care that show Camilo de Blas's commitment to outstanding attention to detail, from the choice of the raw material through to the final packaging.

Also available in 500 g format.

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