Camilo de Blas

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Candied and glazed walnuts made using traditional artisan techniques in the well-known Camilo de Blas confectioners in Oviedo. 


Camilo de Blas is one of the most famous Asturias confectioners that opened its first store in Oviedo in 1914, although the business was originally founded 1827. Since its inception, Camilo de Blas has been distinguished for offering gourmet Asturias pastries made using traditional artisan production techniques.

The Asturias sweet is the result of innovation in confectionery making techniques while maintaining the highest respect for the authentic secrets of traditional recipes.

Camilo de Blas Nuglass walnuts are made with milk caramel and royal icing to produce the finest quality product available on the market. Milk caramel is used for the filling in the Nuglass whole walnuts. The royal icing makes a crispy cover that envelops the delicate centre of walnut and milk caramel.

On the palate, this product is frankly well balanced with pleasant bitter nuances of the nut that are attenuated by the flavour of milk caramel and the citrus freshness of a few drops of freshly squeezed lemon juice.


Nuglass candied and glazed walnuts from Camilo de Blas are presented in 500 g brass container. Inside, each sweet is wrapped individually in elegant paper that preserves the quality of this delicious gourmet confectionery product.

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