Tierra Astur

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Crispy and delicious Asturias biscuits made using traditional artisan techniques with butter and ginger and with totally natural ingredients.


Tierra Astur gingerbread biscuits are an example of the union between tradition and innovation when it comes to offering unique homemade biscuits of the highest quality. This Asturias biscuit made in Gijón starts with the classic recipe of a flavoured butter biscuit with a light and pleasant touch of ginger.

The underground stem of the perennial ginger plant is the unique ingredient that is used to make Tierra Astur gingerbread biscuits. Once the stem of the plant is harvested and washed with care, it is left to dry for a few days to dehydrate it and thereby extend its shelf life for several months.

In the field of healthy food, ginger is known for the variety of healthy acids it provides, along with a high content of fibre, amino acids and essential oils.

Tierra Astur gingerbread biscuits are made using traditional artisan techniques and a homemade recipe that starts with the best ingredients available on the market to obtain a homogeneous dough that is rested and then stretched to the desired shape before baking. Each biscuit is covered on one side with a thin icing of very light sugar that results in a lovely crispy texture once the biscuits are baked.

On the palate, the product has a pleasant, crispy entrance with an evident toasted flavour from baking the dough, which gives way to prolonged lactic butter flavours with a delicate aftertaste.


Tierra Astur ginger biscuits are presented in a rustic container made with decorated cardboard with the homemade biscuits inside weighing a total of 200 g.

Tierra AsturTierra Astur