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Asturias 'polvorón' pastries made using traditional artisan techniques for the renowned Tierra Astur brand. A traditional sweet to bring Christmas festivity to your after meal conversations.

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Xixón 'polvorón' pastries are typical Christmas sweets that should not be left off any Christmas table. They are made using traditional artisan techniques by a small Asturias company located in Xixón.

This product sets the difference from the quality of the almond with which these handmade 'polvorón' pastries are made, selected from among the best possible almonds so that the final result of Xixón 'polvorón' pastries are one of the very finest products of Asturias gourmet.

Xixón 'polvorón' pastries, together with other Christmas sweets that are available in our online store of Asturias products, are perfect to complete an attractive plate of nougat and other favourite Christmas treats.

The origin of 'polvorón' pastries goes back to the 19th century, arising from the need to use up the surplus wheat. So it can be said that 'polvorón' pastries came about from popular inventiveness to ensure that no food was thrown away. Innovative products were thus created that are still part of the most widespread Christmas traditions centuries later.

And as a matter of interest, the difference between a classic shortbread and a polvorón pastry is that for the latter, the wheat flour that is used to make them is previously toasted.


Xixón 'polvorón' pastries are presented in a decorated rustic cardboard box in whose interior they are individually wrapped in the classic silk paper with a total weight of 300 g.