Camilo de Blas

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Candied walnuts and glazed artisan in the well-known confectionery Camilo de Blas ,  Oviedo.


Camilo de Blas is one of the most famous Asturian confectioneries that opened its first store in Oviedo in 1914, despite the fact that its foundation dates back to 1827. Since its inception, Camilo de Blas stood out for offering the gourmet Asturian pastry market, elaborated in a artisanal

The Asturian sweet that we present to you is the result of the innovation in the confectionery without losing, with it, the maximum respect to the secrets of the traditional pastry.

To make the Camilo de Blas Nuglass, nuts of the best quality offered by the market are used, along with other ingredients, among which, the milk caramel and the real glaze stand out. The first is used in the filling of the Nuglass, stumbled over with whole nuts. The second, the real glaze, is used as a crunchy cover that encloses inside the delicate mass of walnuts and dulce de leche.

On the palate, the product we present is frankly well balanced with pleasant bitter nuances contributed through the nut that are attenuated by the flavor of dulce de leche or the citrus freshness that brings a few drops of freshly squeezed lemon juice.


Candied and glazed Nuglas nuts from Camilo de Blas are presented in 500 grams brass pot. Inside, each Nuglas is wrapped individually in an elegant paper that allows to preserve the quality of this great sweet pastry gourmet.

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