Camilo de Blas

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Exquisite crispy almond and dark chocolate biscuits


In addition to the best products for cooking from Asturias thanks to its orography and the efforts of farmers, graziers, fishermen and small processors and businesses, the region has a long history in traditionally-made regional desserts and sweets.

Among all the bakery families located in Asturias, Camilo de Blas stands out; a small family business that opened its first premises in Asturias at the beginning of the 20th century and since then has been offering high-quality gourmet confectionery and traditionally made pastries.

Camilo de Blas assorted Florentines are one of the best-known Asturias pastries. The product has a crispy and extra-thin biscuit made with Marcona almond that is covered with dark and milk chocolate, as the main ingredients. There are two types of biscuit in the same package, with the Camilo de Blas guarantee.

The preparation of these crispy almond and chocolate biscuits requires expertise, knowledge of the ingredients and above all patience, since the secret to making crispy biscuits like the Camilo de Blas assorted Florentines is to make them as thin as possible.

Each Florentine, when it has sufficiently cooled after leaving the oven, is covered in delicious dark chocolate cream on one side. Thus the almond and chocolate biscuit reveals its Marcona almond content on one side.


Camilo de Blas assorted Florentines are presented in an elegant cardboard box containing 150 g of product. An Asturias pastry that is perfect to give to your best customers and acquaintances this Christmas.

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