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Selection of charcuterie of organic production to prepare typical Asturian stews


The compango is the popular word used in Asturias for the sausages of typical spoon dishes such as the Asturian fabada or the Asturian pot.

The Asturian compango, in fact, represents much more since it is an expression that reflects the know-how and the conservation of very old traditions of the villages and brañas of Asturias that, at present, are no longer carried out in the same way, although if they preserve the essence of those days of slaughter, at the time of the Fiestas de San Martín, where the "matachín" of the town and the "mondongueras" of the families lived a frenzy of work, the result of which depended on the supply of meat in the family diet during the rest of the year.

While the "matachín" depended on the sacrifice and cutting of the animal, the "mondongueras" were in charge of arranging the ingredients for sausages and sausages, just to mention some of the most important tasks that, generally and because knowledge was treasured in them, they were reserved for the oldest people of the town who, patiently, taught the rest of the generations of the family.

he ecological Asturian companion Bienastur is a product that includes ecological sausages handmade in Asturias with the traditional recipe that the "mondongueras" used. The 2 sausages, black pudding and the piece of bacon that we offer in this product collect the authenticity of the Asturian sausage and, in addition, are sausages suitable for celiacs and without allergens so that nobody will feel deprived of enjoying a perfect gourmet ecological product for Asturian fabada and Asturian pot.

Keep refrigerated.


The ecological Asturian companion Bienastur is served in packs of approximately 420 grams, vacuum packed to ensure its conservation.

The package includes:

2 Asturian chorizos.

1 Asturian blood sausage

1 piece of bacon

Gluten freeGluten free

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