D.O.P. Gamonéu

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Exclusive Gamonéu del Puerto Cheese. An artisanal cheese made from raw cow, goat and sheep milk elaborated in the Picos de Europa and sold in limited units due to its lack of production. A unique Asturian cheese that you can not miss.


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Made with raw cow, goat and sheep milk, is the result of the conservation of the cheese tradition of the small cheese factories located in the cabins of the high ports of Onís and Cangas de Onís, in the eastern part of Asturias, family productions that they are reviewed periodically because they are registered in the Protected Designation of Origin Gamonéu Cheese, an organ that protects and guarantees the production of Gamonéu DOP cheese in its two varieties: Gamonéu del Valle and Gamonéu del Puerto.

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