D.O.P. Gamonéu

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Authentic Gamoneu DOP cheese, cured and semi-blue, made with a mixture of raw cow, sheep and goat milks. Gamoneu cheese with PDO is matured in natural caves of Picos de Europa. A definitely different cheese, of extraordinary quality and intense flavor. Test it!

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Gamoneu PDO Cheese made using traditional artisan techniques, following the pastoral tradition of the Picos de Europa, Gamonéu PDO cheese is made from a blend of raw cow’s, sheep’s and goat’s milk, curds with natural rennet.
The salty cheese is made by rubbing the cheese faces with common salt, then bake and season three days. Gamoneu cheese is then smoked in the shepherds' cabins with wood fire, a process lasting between ten and twenty days.

Finally, Gamoneu cheese is matured in natural caves in a period ranging from two to five months depending on the humidity of the production area (Onís or Cangas).

The outer crust of the cheese is natural, and the ripening in the cave allows to achieve a characteristic color, as well as a strong and intense aroma to smoke.

The Gamoneu (or by some called Gamonedo cheese) is a blue cheese that can not miss in the refrigerator of the lovers of this product.

Store in the refrigerator.

Gamonéu PDO cheese is available in two retail formats, vacuum packaged:
• 600 g piece.
• 2.3 kg piece

Gluten free Gluten free
Intensity Strong

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