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Cabrales PDO Selection is an Asturias blue cheese made with raw cow, sheep and goat’s milk in the area protected by the Regulating Council of the Cabrales POD. This was the first POD created in Asturias for a cheese. This is a traditionally crafted cheese of great quality and intense flavour with which you will surprise the most demanding lovers of blue cheese.

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To speak about Cabrales is to speak about the cheese making tradition in Asturias, through the icon of the traditionally crafted cheeses made with raw milk.

A land rich in pastures and caves where unique cheeses mature, all pieces are different and every day, the cheesemaker checks them, turns them over and looks after them with the only aim of offering one of the best blue cheeses in the world, the POD Cabrales Cheese.

A cheese made with raw milk, it is perfect as starter in a good meal, accompanied by a young red wine from the Cangas POD. It is also a good dessert together with an iced Asturian cider, or the key ingredient in a cheese sauce or in any other recipe in which you want to include the personality of a cheese like the Cabrales POD.
The Cabrales POD Selection is creamy, rich in blue pigments, with an intense taste that can even be hot, as a good blue cheese should. It has a reddish or brown rind; it has a very intense and prolonged smell that completes its aftertaste in mouth.
We recommend bringing the product to room temperature fifteen or twenty minutes before eating in order to guarantee its full and intense taste.

Keep refrigerated.
The Cabrales POD Three milks Tielve Selection is vacuum packed in pieces of approximately 600 grams.

Gluten freeGluten free

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