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Organically produced Asturias Beans with Protected Geographical Indication.



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Cantona organic PGI Asturias beans is a product that perfectly meets the expectations of an excellent legume. In addition to being under the control of the Asturias beans Protected Geographical Indication Regulatory Council, it goes even further as it is one of the few products that are organically produced within the Asturias beans PGI regulation.

This legume is small, longer than it is wide and slightly warped. It is an ivory white colour and has no stains. On the palate, Cantona organic PGI Asturias beans give the stew a unique texture and, if prepared true to the original recipe, they melt on the mouth with a buttery texture, smooth, soft and full of nuances that are balanced with the rest of the ingredients in the stew. These organic beans are perfect for cooking with seafood, game meats and also in fresh summer salads.

Don't forget to soak the beans for at least twelve hours before cooking.

Maintaining the gastronomic supplies of a region is only possible with the collaboration of all participants in the value chain of the agri-food sector, in this case, in Asturias. However, the future of a region's supplies is in the hands of the farmers, whose commitment, effort and preservation of the knowledge acquired over generations make Asturias famous around the world for its excellent cuisine.

This is the case of PGI Asturias beans, the best legume of Asturias and the main ingredient of the iconic dishes in traditional Asturias gastronomy. Asturias bean stew, beans with clams, Asturias casserole or a bean and Albacore tuna dish are recipes that combine tradition and respect for the environment cooked with the finest products from Asturias farmers.


Cantona Asturias PGI organic beans are packaged in a 500 g bag.


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