Special drinking glass for vermouth Tierra Astur

Tierra Astur

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Special drinking glass for vermouth with custom design for Tierra Astur by renowned Asturias artist Mario Cervero. It is the perfect size for enjoying your favourite vermouth, such as Roxmut cider vermouth.


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The special glass for vermouth has an exclusive design for Tierra Astur Sidrerías by Mario Cervero, which picks up on the main values of the Asturias cider company's leisure and cultural project. Around the world there are different size glasses for drinking vermouth that became famous thanks to major advertising campaigns and even world-famous films. In the case of this special vermouth glass with serigraphy by Mario Cervero, Tierra Astur Sidrerías has harnessed the synergy offered by one of the best-known artists of Asturias with the company's desire to offer customers different, elegant and quality products, always maintaining loyalty to the Asturias culture. Enjoy this glass of Roxmut Asturias cider vermouth, a cider-based compound made by the Sidra Castañón cider house that was the first Asturias vermouth to reach the market.

Tierra AsturTierra Astur

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