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The “Taramundi” asturias Cheese Knife is made from a single, 11 cm sheet of stainless steel, with a natural boxwood, pyrography engraved handle. In 2005, the council of Taramundi was declared an ‘Area of Artisan Interest’.

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The “Taramundi” cheese knife is unique in its category, as it is forged from a single piece of steel to obtain a compact blade in volume and mass.

This procedure ensures robustness and perfect balance in the hand thanks to its handle made of boxwood with pyrography engraving, and a proportional mass.

This knife is a suitable tool for cutting cheese into slices or pieces, and for hard and soft cheeses, due to its characteristic sharp blade that is well-renowned in the region. Taramundi blades and knives were mainly produced from the eighteenth century, a time of great prosperity in the western part of Asturias.

There were once around a hundred craft workshops in the early twentieth century in the council of Taramundi.

In later years, almost all of this activity around Taramundi artisan production of knives and blades was lost, although today, and thanks to the development of rural tourism among other factors, making Taramundi knives and blades remains one of the most important economic activities in the Asturias town.