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This asturias wooden bowl carved with Celtic motifs is reminiscent of ancient times and the origin of many commonly used objects in our homes. Its traditional character provides a unique decorative element to any corner of the home.


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The wooden bowl was the most commonly used utensil for all kinds of meals and at any time. The people just had buckets and bowls to hold the different foods.

Glasses, forks and knives were signs of distinction that were rarely found in the provincial capitals or towns of a certain size. None of this was heard of in the villages.

The industrial production of household utensils from clay, in a first stage, and materials derived from metal, in a more recent and longer stage, led to the virtual disappearance of master timber craftspeople.

However, moulds or inspirational elements that the industry used as a reference were and still are used today to replicate wooden artefacts of bygone days.

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