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Tierra Astur
7,15 €

Asturias earthenware jar has a height of 17 cm.

7,15 €

This asturias wooden bowl carved with Celtic motifs is reminiscent of ancient times and the origin of many commonly used objects in our homes. Its traditional character provides a unique decorative element to any corner of the home.

8,50 €

The “Taramundi” table knife is made from a 10 cm single sheet of stainless steel with a cherrywood handle, for use in the kitchen or on the table.

10,90 €

The “Taramundi” asturias Cheese Knife is made from a single, 11 cm sheet of stainless steel, with a natural boxwood, pyrography engraved handle. In 2005, the council of Taramundi was declared an ‘Area of Artisan Interest’.

13,95 €

The “Taramundi” boxwood knife has a carved boxwood handle, although heath and briar woods, or any other quality and durable wood is also used by artisan craftspeople.

14,50 €

The “Taramundi” serving knife is made from a 17.5 cm single sheet of stainless steel with a boxwood handle, for use on the table with a serving platter. The hand-forged and tempered blade gives a profile and hardness that lends to sharpening and ensures a long service life. 

18,50 €

The “Taramundi” spanish ham knife is made from a 25 cm single sheet of stainless steel with a natural boxwood handle.

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