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Tierra Astur
7,15 €

Asturias earthenware jar has a height of 17 cm.

7,15 €

This asturias wooden bowl carved with Celtic motifs is reminiscent of ancient times and the origin of many commonly used objects in our homes. Its traditional character provides a unique decorative element to any corner of the home.

8,50 €

The “Taramundi” table knife is made from a 10 cm single sheet of stainless steel with a cherrywood handle, for use in the kitchen or on the table.

10,90 €

The “Taramundi” asturias Cheese Knife is made from a single, 11 cm sheet of stainless steel, with a natural boxwood, pyrography engraved handle. In 2005, the council of Taramundi was declared an ‘Area of Artisan Interest’.

Tierra Astur
12,50 €

Special drinking glass for vermouth with custom design for Tierra Astur by renowned Asturias artist Mario Cervero. It is the perfect size for enjoying your favourite vermouth, such as Roxmut cider vermouth.

14,50 €

The “Taramundi” serving knife is made from a 17.5 cm single sheet of stainless steel with a boxwood handle, for use on the table with a serving platter. The hand-forged and tempered blade gives a profile and hardness that lends to sharpening and ensures a long service life. 

14,50 €

The “Taramundi” boxwood knife has a carved boxwood handle, although heath and briar woods, or any other quality and durable wood is also used by artisan craftspeople.

15,00 €

Metal tray with edge to prevent falls. Format: 36x5 cm.

18,50 €

The “Taramundi” spanish ham knife is made from a 25 cm single sheet of stainless steel with a natural boxwood handle.

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