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Fresh Asturias Gochu de Monte sirloin, perfect roasted, barbecued or grilled. Enjoy one of the most select cuts of meat from these unique animals raised in freedom and fed on Asturias chestnuts and spelt.

The Asturias Gochu de Monte sirloin is a select meat obtained from these animals born in freedom on an extensive pig farming project of more than 50 hectares. The animals feed on roots and foods found in nature as well as chestnuts and spelt. This feed, and the fact that the animals graze in the mountains for more than a year and a half, result in meats with excellent fat infiltration and with the Gochu de Monte quality that comes from acorn-fed Iberian pork.

The Gochu de Monte project seeks to dignify pork, which has had negative perception among consumers in recent times in Asturias, and to respect and dignify the animals throughout their life cycle. This pack contains an Asturias Gochu de Monte sirloin from La Casería de Tierra Astur vacuum packed on a tray. It is recommended to remove the product from its packaging at least half an hour before serving and store in the refrigerator.

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