Tierra Astur

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Wooden box with 12 bottles cider non-PDO Tierra Astur; unique presentation and packing for transport and storage.


Tierra Astur non-PDO natural cider pack (12 Bot) + Wooden Box is one of the most representative icons of traditional Asturias cider, as well as the presses where cider has been made since time immemorial.

Natural cider with no Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) is a high quality product that offers “palos de sidra” (types of cider) that are unique and that vary greatly throughout the country.

This type of cider is affected by the classification rules, although it is made following the principles and traditions that have made natural cider renowned outside of the region.

A pack designed with a celebration in mind with family or friends for any event that seeks informality and discussion about traditional products of Asturias cuisine, washed down with twelve bottles of natural cider at just the right temperature that just need the art of escanciado (arm’s-length pouring) to enjoy the authentic flavours of Asturias.

Alcohol content 6% Vol.
Productosdeasturias.com recommends responsible consumption.

Tierra Astur non-PDO natural cider is bottled in the traditional 70 cl green glass bottle and packed in a wooden box of 12 bottles.

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The maximum number of units of this product that can be included in your order is six units.

Gluten freeGluten free
Tierra AsturTierra Astur

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