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Semi-dry aperitif made from natural cider from Asturias. Ideal to serve very cold in your vermouth sessions, it is advisable to serve it with pieces of apple to enhance its flavour. An amazing drink that is perfect to accompany white meats or blue cheeses such as Cabrales or Gamoneu.


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Naturally fermented drink from the apple juice selected and harvested on La Rionda (Villaviciosa) farm, in the heart of the cider region. The apples are harvested manually and mechanically to ensure correct handling of the product and to make sure that it arrives at the warehouse as soon as possible and in the best conditions for processing.

To make the selected apple juice, four apple varieties have been chosen, admitted by the Asturias Cider Protected Designation of Origin Regulatory Council: Durona de Tresadi, Limón Montes, Xuanina and Regona.

The Valnera aperitif has no added sugar or alcohol added and its alcohol content, from 12 to 13 degrees, is achieved solely and exclusively from the natural sugar from the juice of the selected apple and the multiflora honey from the mountain foothills.

This drink is best served at between 10 and 12 degrees centigrade. Valnera is characterised by the mild nuances of ripe apple, a semi-dry appetiser with a bouquet in which the nuances of berries and the low fixed acidity characteristic of the cider apple persist.

Valnera is a drink that can be enjoyed any time, perfect as an aperitif and also to accompany white meats and Asturias blue cheeses such as Cabrales PDO or Gamonéu PDO.

Serve at a temperature between 10-12ºC

12-13º alcohol content

Productosdeasturias.com recommends responsible consumption.


Valnera cider appetiser is presented in a 70 cl black glass bottle.

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