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Traditionally made Asturias craft beer. Asgaya blonde beer is an organically produced Asturias drink that is completely handmade, with quality guarantees accredited by COPAE (Asturias Principality Organic Agricultural Production Council).

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Asgaya Kölsch blonde beer is an Asturias craft beer produced in the town of Grado in the central area of ​​Asturias in a small factory founded by young entrepreneurs in 2016.

The word Kölsch after Asgaya in this blonde beer denotes a bright yellow drink with a pleasant flavour of hops and a milder bitter aftertaste characteristic of this traditional beer and the high-quality products that also bear the name Pils. In short, Kölsh beers have character on the mouth, although in terms of aftertaste, they are less bitter than Pils beers.

Asgaya blonde beer is an Asturias drink without turbidity that should be served at around 10ºC in long, thin cylindrical glasses to enjoy all the nuances and compound flavours offered by one of the craft beers that most beer experts like. 

Another quality of this Asturias craft beer is that two types of malt, barley and wheat and three types of hops are used to make it. 

This product has a pleasant and clean fruity aroma with the mildly intense hops aftertaste, making it the perfect beer to accompany a good meal.

Productosdeasturias.com recommends responsible consumption.


The organic kölsch Asgaya blonde beer is bottled in a 33 cl glass bottle.


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