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Asgaya toasted organic beer is an Asturias beer made using traditional organic production methods in the town of Grado, located in the central area of ​​Asturias where, along with other areas and bordering towns, Afuega’l Pitu PDO cheese is also produced.

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This craft beer factory began operations in 2016 with several partners who, in addition to being Asturias locals, are very young. The company offers beer enthusiasts high-quality and honest products that are committed to sustainable development as demonstrated by the organic production methods used to make the Asgaya craft beer, in any of its varieties.

The toasted beers have a wide variety of colours and flavours among the most popular groups of blonde and dark beers. All of those classified as toasted beers can be differentiated by many factors; although the characteristic that defines toasted beers is that the malts used to make them have been toasted.

It should be noted that beers should never be classified by their colour, even though it seems natural to do so. In fact, in a blind tasting of craft beers it is not unusual to find a beer that seems a blonde beer on the mouth is actually not, and vice versa. In any case, it is also important to know that the colour of the beer is determined by the malts used to make it. If the perfect mix of beer malts contains light malts, the resulting beer tends to be light and, conversely, if dark malts are used, dark tones tend to result.

Although the colour of the beer is important, the flavour and the complexity on the mouth is much more so and in this context, traditionally crafted toasted beers are very diverse and, depending on the proportion of malts, fermentations and other secrets of the master brewer, it is true that all toasted beers have caramel notes along with the characteristic toasted nuances. Also, aromatically speaking, they are very intense beers that offer character and potency in their flavour.

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Asgaya toasted organic beer is bottled in a 33 cl glass bottle.


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