Asturias beer 

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Molín del Nora
1,50 €

An Spanish beer, blonde, light and very refreshing. It is a German-style aromatic beer that is best served at a temperature of between 4-6°C.

1,80 €

A traditional beer hand-made using organic ingredients in Asturias.

2,50 €

Asgaya toasted organic beer is an Asturias beer made using traditional organic production methods in the town of Grado, located in the central area of ​​Asturias where, along with other areas and bordering towns, Afuega’l Pitu PDO cheese is also produced.

2,50 €

Traditionally made Asturias craft beer. Asgaya blonde beer is an organically produced Asturias drink that is completely handmade, with quality guarantees accredited by COPAE (Asturias Principality Organic Agricultural Production Council).

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Asturias traditional beer.