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The Faro ceramic plate measures approximately 30 centimetres in diameter and 2 centimetres high, which may vary slightly due to the handmade nature of its production.


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The Faro ceramic plate is glazed on the top and underneath, about 30 centimetres in diameter and 2 centimetres high. Measurements are approximate and may vary slightly between one piece and another, due to their traditional artisan production.

One of the most extraordinary Asturias personalities of all time and the most representative figure of the Spanish Enlightenment movement was Jovellanos, who spoke of Faro pottery production and the pieces in one of his journals. He said “There are about 30 kilns in which the common clay is fired to achieve a black finish; another four for the white clay, although it is not, with a white and yellow glaze and with green and blue features.

These materials were used to make the ancient and ordinary dishes of our people.” Jovellanos’ texts provide an understanding of the importance of pottery in that era. Each ceramic piece from Faro is signed on its base by José Manuel Vega “Selito”, its author, and the only potter who continues to manufacture these pieces using traditional artisan techniques. “Selito” maintains the models, methods of obtaining pigment, glaze preparation and traditional firing.

He also preserves the production process and techniques that have been passed from generation to generation in his family.

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