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The Faro ceramic jug measures approximately 30 centimetres high and 20 centimetres diameter and may vary slightly due to the handmade nature of its production.

The piece has two spouts protruding from the sides; one for filling and another for pouring, and a circular handle on both sides.

In former days, most Asturias towns collected water for domestic consumption from one of the many water fonts throughout the territory.

This type of jug was used to carry water from the font to the land where farmers worked (harvesting, cultivating corn, etc.), as it kept the water clean and fresh to drink occasionally during work.

Its decoration features a motif of three flowers. Those on the sides, smaller, with unfilled leaves and petals, enhance the central flower, larger, without leaves and filled with blue petals. Beneath the striped flowers there are bands of stripes with three lines each. The repetition of three is striking on this type of pottery.

The use of blue pigment is also noteworthy, which is obtained from cobalt. This pigment, more difficult to obtain, is reserved for some models, since green and yellow pigments are used for most pieces of Faro pottery.