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The chestnut walking stick with compass is a long pole topped with a handle. It is between 120 and 150 centimetres long and made from 100% chestnut wood.

Hiking requires good equipment and this is a hand-made product especially made for hiking. Its design is based on the staffs used by Asturias shepherds to herd their animals in bygone days.

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The Bastón de Castaño (Chestnut-wood Walking stick) with compass is a firm commitment to products made by master craftspeople of the best walking sticks for hiking activities. Orientation is essential on an excursion, especially along the cliff and mountain areas of Asturias. In the middle of last century, the magnetic compass began to be replaced by the gyrocompass.

This chestnut-wood walking stick is designed to provide support for resting after hours of hiking, the harshness of the terrain and walking on hard ground. It is the best way to balance and distribute weight. Between 120 and 150 cm long, it is made from eternally-lasting wood; from the chestnut tree. The renowned durability of this material is expressed in an old saying in Spanish, “castaño, castañita, ni fuego ni ceniza” (chestnut, little chestnut, neither fire nor cinders).

Asturias is a land to be discovered by hikers and those who love to be in nature. Its landscapes and nature are the main reasons why tourists choose Asturias as a destination for their holidays. The routes and trails in Asturias are as varied as its cheeses.