Tierra Astur

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Sweet cider made in an Asturias cider mill, 100% apple juice. It does not contain alcohol, so it can be enjoyed by the whole family. A soft and refreshing flavour, perfect for any time of the day.


Tierra Astur sweet cider is an alcohol-free Asturias drink made from the juice obtained from the Asturias apples with which natural cider is made and bottled before natural fermentation takes place.

This product is the first apple juice from which natural cider is made using natural fermentation processes. The difference between sweet cider and natural cider is that the first does not contain alcohol and the second does. Beyond this, Asturias drinks have a completely unique flavour because of the different processing techniques used.

Tierra Astur sweet cider is a toasted yellow colour and is made using traditional artisan techniques. On the nose it has sweet nuances reminiscent of apples ripened in the sun and freshly baked, characteristics that are reinforced on the mouth with a perfect balance between them and the freshness that is appreciated in each sip, which comes from the Asturias cider apple varieties used to make this famous Asturias drink.


Tierra Astur sweet cider is presented in an elegant 75 cl glass bottle with a small label that contains all the information necessary for consumption. It is also crowned with a metal closure and a wooden motif representing the Asturias apple blossom.

Gluten free Gluten free
Tierra Astur Tierra Astur

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