Alimentos del paraíso 

Alimentos del Paraíso

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69,00 €

ASTURIAS PGI rib-eye steak of the finest quality, obtained from cattle less than twelve months old. Ideal for filleting rib-eye steak fillets to the desired thickness, for cooking on the grill, in a pan or roasting.

Tierra Astur
80,00 €

Authentic PGI (Protected Geographical Indications) beans from Asturias (Northern Spain) selected using the strictest quality controls.     

125,00 €

Piece of Asturias PGI beef of the finest quality, very lean, obtained from cattle under twelve months old. Ideal for cutting into high quality fillets, very flavoursome and tender, to obtain special fillets for cordon bleu.

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Alimentos del Paraíso